Behold: The Residue Test

See why your carpets are cleaner with Zerorez®

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Behold: The Residue Test

See why your carpets are cleaner with Zerorez®

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      Carpet Cleaning Temecula, CA


      • Stays cleaner longer
      • Dries faster
      • Green and family friendly cleaning solutions
      • Highly-Reviewed – Over 1,200 5-Star Ratings on Google
      • No soap or harsh chemicals
      • Professional cleaning staff
      Carpet Fibers Cleaner


      Of all the types of carpet cleaning Temecula has to offer, Zerorez is the superior option. In the past, if you were looking for carpet cleaning without harsh chemicals or excessive amounts of water used, you had to settle for a carpet that wasn’t as clean.

      If you wanted the cleanest carpets around, you had to sacrifice your carpet padding by saturating it with water or have chemicals used which might harm you, your pets, your children, or the environment.

      Zerorez has changed all of that.

      Our patented system of cleaning uses Zr Water®—that is, electrolyzed, oxidized water—along with an innovative brush and wand system. That means that your carpets will be cleaner than ever before. Yes, even cleaner than they would be after being cleaned with harsh chemicals. Not only that, our carpet cleaning Zr Water® is so harmless you could drink it.

      The result is a completely safe and responsible process that doesn’t endanger the environment and leaves you with cleaner carpets than you ever imagined possible. Are you ready to experience the Zerorez difference?


      "Daniel did an outstanding job cleaning 4 rooms perfectly. Polite, professional, gentleman to a fault. We will use ZeroRez exclusively moving forward."

      William S. Murrieta, CA


      So, any responsible person wants to keep their carpets as clean as possible. Unfortunately, with traditional chemical or steam cleaning, you’re also introducing health risks. With chemical cleaning, you might be exposing your loved ones to chemicals like perchloroethylene, which can cause nausea and dizziness, and may even be linked to kidney and liver damage. Another dangerous chemical used by some carpet cleaners is naphthalene, which is used as a pesticide and can cause nerve damage or liver damage. Butyloxy ethanol is just as a dangerous, linked to nerve and liver damage as well as to kidney damage.

      Steam cleaning may have fewer chemicals involved but requires using an excessive amount of water that can soak the padding beneath your carpet. Yuck!

      With Zerorez, you don’t have to worry about any of these problems. It’s the greenest, safest, and most-effective solution for carpet cleaning in Temecula, CA. That’s because we use 100-percent non-toxic, safe Zr Water® and our carefully designed cleaning process to lift the dirt from your rugs and carpets without leaving a residue, dangerous chemicals, or excessive water saturation behind.


      Our Zr Water® removes the prospect of dangerous chemicals from our carpet cleaning process, but it's only one of the elements that make Zerorez so superior to other carpet cleaning methods. For the safest and most effective carpet cleaning in Temecula, it took us intense research and development to come up with a technique that wasn't just free of harmful chemicals but also gets your carpet completely clean and didn’t leave it soaking wet.

      The Zerorez process has three elements: our electrolyzed oxidized water, which we’ve already discussed, an agitation process, and our Zr Wand™ technology. We've also incorporated the use of specially designed fans to improve airflow and reduce the time it takes for your carpet to dry completely.

      We gently and thoroughly agitate the carpet fibers to loosen dirt, which means it takes much less water to rinse the carpet thoroughly. That’s where our specialized wand comes in. It circulates our Zr Water® through the fibers of your carpet, lifting away dirt and dander.

      Since our process requires less water than traditional methods, the padding of your carpet never becomes oversaturated. (It takes about 4 to 8 hours to dry completely, but it’s completely safe to walk on in the meantime—use shoe coverings if you aren’t sure your shoes are clean, however!)

      In the end, you'll have a carpet that is not only safely free of chemicals and clean but will stay much cleaner for longer than other methods can produce!


      How do you tell if your carpet cleaner is really getting your carpets cleaner? If you go with Zerorez, the finest carpet cleaning Temecula has to offer, you’ll know for sure. That’s because our zero-residue cleaning method not only removes dirt from your carpets, but it leaves less residue behind and doesn’t saturate your carpet padding. When you search for “carpet cleaning near me,” what are your priorities when you choose a Temecula carpet cleaning service? If deep, effective cleaning, quick dry times, and safety for your children, pets, and the environment are at the top of your list, Zerorez should be your top choice!


      It’s true- our carpet cleaning is unmatched in the Temecula area. Just ask our raving fans, who have given us over 1000 5-star reviews. In fact, we actually are so highly-reviewed among our carpet cleaning company peers that it seems fake (but it’s not- we promise). So, how exactly do we offer such a great service? The answer lies in science.

      Zerorez® uses a patented process with our Zr Wand™ that leaves zero residue behind on your carpets. That’s important because residue attracts dirt and dust over time. This build-up can be gross for you, your pets, and your children, and also makes your carpets dirtier in the long run. Here at Zerorez® we believe your carpet cleaner should actually make your carpet cleaner. As simple as that sounds, this statement separates us from our competitors, and leaves our customers amazed (and with clean carpets).

      But, we don’t stop at carpet! We have services for all your surfaces, such as tile, area rugs, upholstery, and more. Zerorez® is truly your one-stop-shop for all of your cleaning needs. We even offer a satisfaction guarantee! Discover the power of zero residue carpet cleaning with us today.

      "Livingston and his crew are the best. He has cleaned our carpets and upholstery for the past 7 years. He does a great job of cleaning, leaving no residue or dirt, and always removing any stains. He and his crew are truly professional, leaving your carpets spotless and smelling great. Always on time and providing an excellent service, we would highly recommend Livingston and Zerorez to anyone. "

      Ann L., Temecula, CA


      • Carpet Cleaning
      • Rug Cleaning
      • Tile & Grout Revival
      • Upholstery Cleaning
      • Granite Countertop Cleaning
      • Hardwood Floor Cleaning
      • Natural Stone Cleaning
      • & More…


      Zerorez carpet cleaning in Temecula providers can clean much, much more than just your carpets! Our exceptional cleaning methods are also effective on rugs, tile and grout, upholstery, mattresses, granite counter tops, air duct cleaning, and much more. Find out today why we have over 25,000 five-star Google reviews from our Zerorez locations across the country

      And, there’s nothing to lose—with our 30-day "gotta love it” guarantee, don’t you think it’s worth it to try out the safest and most effective carpet cleaning method that’s ever been devised? Once you’ve used Zerorez, you’ll never want to contaminate your carpet with dangerous chemicals or risk an oversaturated carpet pad again.

      No one cleans better than Zerorez, and we can’t wait to show you. You can even get an instant quote with no obligation on our website. Discover the difference Zerorez makes by giving us a call to set up your Temecula cleaning appointment today. Your family, your carpets, and the environment will thank you!


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