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Upholstery Cleaning

See why your upholstery is cleaner with Zerorez®

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Upholstery Cleaning

See why your upholstery is cleaner with Zerorez®

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Zerorez® cleans all kinds of fabrics and upholstery. Our services include upholstery cleaning, furniture cleaning, and sofa cleaning. Since we do not use harsh chemicals, we can clean the most delicate fibers and upholstered pieces. We can also remove offensive odors, and you never have to worry about possible reactions to chemicals left in the fabric.

  • Safe for all fabrics
  • No residue left allows fabrics to stay clean longer and won’t attract new soiling
  • Trained technicians will take exceptional care of your furniture
  • Fabric protector, including UV protectant offered to protect your fine fabrics
  • Quick dry time, exceptional clean

    The Zerorez® cleaning system does NOT use soaps, detergents or shampoos to mask these problems, but instead uses its revolutionary green cleaning fluid Zr Water® to clean, thereby restoring the appearance of your furniture.

    The Zr Water® is better than soaps or other cleaning agents and is applied to the upholstery via low-pressure spray, both loosening embedded dirt and cleaning the material. The emulsified dirt is then disposed of, leaving just the extraction water which dries quickly and without any residue.

    Great for sofas, curtains, auto interiors – any upholstered item! The Zr Process™ delivers our Zr Water® fluids to any type of upholstery while using the highest rated (CRI Platinum Rated) cleaning method to remove all soils in a safe, effective process. This process prevents any damage that could be caused by over-wetting, resulting in the look and feel of clean, residue-free upholstery.






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