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Disinfecting your home or workplace need no longer be a toxic, hit-or-miss chore. Now, you can safely pHur-ify your entire interior space with pHurTM Disinfection Service.

Zerorez® California is proud to announce that they have been selected as the exclusive partner of pHur, LLC. Using pHurTM Cleaning and Disinfecting Waters certified pHurTM Technicians will:

  • Physically, not chemically, kill germs, bacteria, and hard surface contaminates
  • Remove accumulated bio-load from high-contact touch points like doorknobs, toilet seats, cabinet pulls, keyboards, monitors, light switches, etc. with premium GreenspeedTM Microfiber
  • Electrostatically eliminate airborne germs and microorganisms

PhurTM Disinfection is the perfect complement to Zerorez® deep cleaning. Do them together or as standalone services.

NOTE: A pHur Service is most effective in a clean, vacuumed space.

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