Zerorez + Oxy Clean = A Clean You’ve Never Seen Before

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Zerorez + Oxy Clean = A Clean You’ve Never Seen Before

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Here in Southern California, Oxy Clean Orange County carpet cleaning company will now be joining us here at Zerorez! We are excited to provide previous Oxy Clean customers with all the things they loved about Oxy Clean and much more.

Benefits of Oxy Clean, Benefits of Zerorez and Why the Two Are Becoming Best Friends

Impressive Drying Times

Oxy clean is known for its quick drying times. Oxy Clean professionals know the importance of not letting water sit in carpets for long periods of time. Many traditional carpet cleaners will leave your carpets wet for 10 to 48 hours after the cleaning. What they do not realize is that leaving your carpet warm and moist for such a long period of time is creating the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Gross! With a cleaning by Oxy Clean you will be back on your carpets within 1-2 hours after cleaning.

Same as Oxy Clean, Zerorez values getting you and your family back on your carpet as soon as possible. Not only that, we are very aware of the problems that can be caused when steam cleaners use too much water and end up soaking your carpet padding when cleaning using traditional techniques.

Together with Oxy Clean’s techniques of using just 5 - 10% of the water traditional cleaners use, and our patented cleaning technology, we are ready to knock drying times out of the park! Get ready to be back on your carpets in no time after cleaning with us!

Non-Toxic Green Carpet Cleaning Solutions

One of the things that Zerorez takes pride in is our Zr water®. This green cleaning solution is one that no other company in the world uses. It cleans more powerfully than soaps and chemicals, yet it is safe enough to drink. Because we care so much about creating a safe environment for our customers, their kids, and their pets, we were thrilled to hear that Oxy Clean also values using non-toxic organic carpet cleaning solutions. Though Oxy Clean was never able to use Zerorez’ Zr water®, you will now get to experience our special cleaning process and cleaning agents.

We Clean More Than Just Carpets

Those familiar with Oxy Clean know in addition to carpet cleaning, services for rugs, upholstery, tile & grout, and hardwood floors are also available. Similarly, Zerorez also offers each of those services along with natural stone cleaning, countertop cleaning, pet stain & odor treatment, the application of protectors, sealers, and coatings, and commercial cleaning services.

Even More Benefits From Zerorez

One of the greatest benefits that Zerorez offers is that we leave no residue behind. The Zerorez cleaning system does not use soaps, harsh detergents or chemicals to clean, but instead uses a revolutionary, non-toxic water-based cleaning agent as its cleaning fluid, called Zr water®, which cleans better than soaps without leaving a sticky chemical residue behind. The sticky residues left behind from the solutions used by other carpet cleaning companies cause the attraction of dirt over time. You don’t want that!

As we put our heads together, Oxy Clean and Zerorez are going to revolutionize carpet cleaning. Give us a call at (949) 387-2222 for more information today!


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