zerorez-carpet-collage-v2 This question gets raised quite often by our clients and with good reason. First let’s define what we mean by the term: “after-market carpet protectors”. These are treatments with popular names such as Scotcguard, Teflon or Greenguard, that are designed to be applied to a carpet after a cleaning to restore the stain resistant properties of a carpet. This typically is the case when carpets have manufacturer’s warranties under names such as Stainmaster, Wear-Dated and the like. And these days virtually all residentially installed carpet comes with a factory applied protectant. The only notable exception to this rule is Mohawks line of Smartstrand and Silkstrand carpets. To keep carpets performing well over the long-term there are three things that need to happen. You as the carpet owner need to commit yourself to a regular and thorough vacuuming regimen. The more the merrier. You see the dry soil we carry on the bottom of our shoes is the worst enemy to your carpets well-being. And frequent vacuuming is your best weapon to fight off premature aging and wear of your carpet. Next is a somewhat regular deep-cleaning schedule. This can be either through a professional like Zerorez or a dedicated do-it-yourself effort. Either way you want to make sure that soil and whatever else is hiding in your carpet gets thoroughly flushed-out. And the last thing that will make sure your carpet performs well over the long-term is the re-application of the carpet protector after that deep cleaning is performed. You see, all that foot traffic, those vacuuming efforts and the deep cleaning wear-off some of the factory applied protectant. Replenishing your carpets fiber with the right kind of protector will make a big difference over the long haul. I can tell you from my personal experience that carpets which we’ve cleaned and re-applied carpet protector to on an annual basis, still can look near new after over ten years I definitely realize that these statements can be taken as solely being of a self-serving nature. And I’m willing to take that risk, as I know that the benefits of re-applying carpet protector will far outweigh some possible negative comments.

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