Area Rug Cleaning Surprises. Pre-Existing Conditions to be Aware of

We’ve seen it happen in the past one too many times. We’d start the cleaning process on an area rug that a client had dropped off at our Irvine rug cleaning plant and we would find some surprises. Invariably these surprises were pre-existing conditions that were hidden or obscured by either heavy soiling or the […]

Resource Guide – Area Rug Spot Cleaning and Care

A quick read that will give you valuable information on the care and maintenance of your area rugs and the tools and supplies you should have on-hand. Area Rug spot cleaning must haves: White cotton towels, Soft bristle brush, Small bowl and sponge, Corn starch, Club soda and a Hair dryer. How to spot clean […]

Rug Care Tips Cheat Sheet

Rug Care Tips   RUG CARE MUST HAVES: • White cotton towels Small bowl + sponge Club soda • Soft brush (not too stiff) Corn starch (or Morten’s Salt) Hair dryer *PET OWNERS – White vinegar + cool water (50/50) RUG CARE MUST NEVER DO: *(Risk of color loss, discoloration, permanent yellowing, fiber damage and […]

Why DIY Rug Cleaning Can Be a Bad Idea

Why DIY Rug Cleaning Can Be a Bad Idea Although we find a wide variety of area rugs in our clients homes, and some can be cleaned by you without much, if any, problems, as a general rule I advise against the do-it-yourself attempts. Unfortunately, we see this scenario play-out one to many times with results that […]

Is The Rug Doctor Worth It?

Is The Rug Doctor Wrecking Your Carpet? Nobody has ever told us that cleaning carpet is easy or fun. It’s just one of those things that has to get done every so often. Just recently we had a client right her in Irvine, California that offered us her opinion on the subject after she had […]

What is an Oriental Rug?

What’s the definition of an Oriental rug? By Eric Bollmann While visiting one of our longtime clients to take a look at cleaning their wood floors I was asked a very simple question: “Is this an Oriental rug”? On the face of it, it is a simple question. However for a professional, with a long […]