Dangerous Chemicals in the Home: 9 Tips and Facts

 Is Your Home Giving You Chemical Overload? Because Zerorez is known to provide a non-chemical, natural cleaning system for all the surfaces your walk-on (carpet, rugs, tile, grout, stone and hardwood) and sit-in (upholstery), it’s only natural for us to be concerned about the chemicals we use within our living environments (home and work).   […]

Chemical-Free Carpet Cleaning: Zerorez FAQ’s

People often ask Zerorez® technicians if we are really different from traditional carpet cleaners.  Do we really offer chemical-free carpet cleaning?  It seems almost too good to be true that we can clean with water (even with our modified alkaline water solution) and still be effective.  And of course there are some people in the […]

Green Cleaning: What Does it Really Mean?

“Green” Does Not Always Mean Safe Cleaning Consumers are very interested in finding safe ways to clean their homes without using the harsh and even harmful chemicals used in the past. Unfortunately, marketing gurus have hijacked the term “green cleaning” and it is difficult to know if a product is safe, let alone effective, if […]

Zerorez SoCal Green Carpet Cleaning Process

Zerorez SoCal Green Carpet Cleaning Green, green, green! Anyone can claim to be “green” or environmentally friendly, but we have invested our time, money, and reputation to really deliver on that claim. Here’s how: ChemFree Pretreatment Our ChemFree pretreatment process is the starting point. The product we use is water-based, soap and detergent free, non-toxic, […]