January 23, 2023

Regular Carpet Maintenance with the Experts at Zerorez®

August 19, 2019
Pest stain and odor removal

The Best Spot Carpet Cleaner For Your Home

August 2, 2019
How to make carpet last longer

7 Tips to Help Extend The Life of Your Carpet

Carpets are a very high maintenance form of decor, and everyone knows dirty carpets are not pleasant to look at. With everything that goes on in […]
May 14, 2019
how much will it cost to clean my carpet

How much will it cost to clean my carpet?

Although, “how much will it cost to clean my carpet” is a very simple question to ask, the answer is often not quite as simple. Unfortunately, […]
October 13, 2017
car upholstery cleaning

How to Clean Auto Upholstery

  Coffee on the car seats. Dog slobber on the dashboard. “Uh…?” on the upholstery. No, this isn’t an A to Z mystery series. This is […]
September 8, 2017
4 common carpet cleaning mistakes

4 Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

On Switch, Off Switch It won’t take hours of repetition under the watchful eyes of Mr. Miyagi to master, but when it comes to cleaning and […]
September 1, 2017
how to choose a professional carpet cleaner

Steps to Choosing a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

You want a carpet cleaner whose work will floor you. How do you find them? Choosing a professional carpet cleaning service can be overwhelming, especially when […]
July 14, 2017
Pest stain and odor removal

Pet Stain Removal: Who Let the Dogs In?

Dogs with muddy paw prints. Cats leaving hairballs. Little piglets who wee-wee-wee all over the floor. If you have a pet, you’ve had a pet stain. […]
September 14, 2016
Zerorez Reviews

Are You Drinking the Water?

“I have used Zerorez for years now and they are quite simply the best.  Before discovering Zerorez, I used several other carpet cleaning companies and found […]
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