Zerorez SoCal Supports Veterans

Greg Raths and Eric Bollmann have joined together in the effort to raise awareness and funds for the Patriots & Paws charity organization. Patriots & Paws is a 501(c) volunteer based non-profit dedicated to bringing together active Military Soldiers and Veterans with a rescue companion animal. Beyond that, they also take-in furniture donations to assist […]

Introducing pHur

The Disinfection Problem In 1867, Doctor Joseph Lister was the first surgeon to soak his tools and bandages in carbolic acid, or phenol. It was a revolutionary act in a time when even the smallest wound could become infected and lead to death. Dr. Lister was ahead of his time since germ theory wasn’t accepted […]

What You Should Know About Sealers

Protectors, coatings, and sealers, oh my! If you’re looking to extend the periods between professional cleanings, or wanting to improve the cleanliness of your home, sealers are a possible solution. However, there are some cautions and hazards involved. Arm yourself with knowledge for the best and most efficient approaches to maintaining the cleanliness of your […]

How to Clean Auto Upholstery

Coffee on the car seats. Dog slobber on the dashboard. “Uh…?” on the upholstery. No, this isn’t an A to Z mystery series. This is life when you’re on the go. It doesn’t matter if you’re a soccer dad or a CEO, a student or a retiree. Accidents happen, and they especially happen when we’re […]

The Best Upholstery for Dogs

Dogs. They leave pawprints on your heart, and sometimes on your sofa. But for all the mess they can make, some of us still allow our animals on the furniture. Let me put it this way. If you haven’t spooned with a golden retriever, you’re missing out on an important life experience. What you’re not […]

5 Reasons to Get Your Carpets Professionally Serviced Right Now

Have Mercy Your carpets are begging you for relief. We’re practically carpet whisperers, so we would know. “What’s that, Mr. Saxony? Ms. Frieze?  NO—you haven’t been cleaned in eighteen months? How awful! That must mean your warranty is void.” Indeed, we’ve found a pattern in feedback from the underside, so we’ve agreed to act as […]

4 Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

On Switch, Off Switch It won’t take hours of repetition under the watchful eyes of Mr. Miyagi to master, but when it comes to cleaning and maintaining a home there’s a degree of knowledge and technique we need to master. As a professional surface cleaning company, Zerorez is familiar with the most common carpet cleaning […]

Steps to Choosing a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

You want a carpet cleaner whose work will floor you. How do you find them? Choosing a professional carpet cleaning service can be overwhelming, especially when you live in an area where there are as many cleaning companies as there are Starbucks. Hello, Southern California. So, we’ve compiled some tips on choosing a professional carpet […]

4 Factors in Choosing a Flooring Material

Carpet. Tile. Wood. Like a kind of flooring material triumvirate, each of these is a power in its own right, but often works in conjunction with the others. While other products like laminate and vinyl are gaining popularity, these three remain the most common surfaces in a household. Zerorez knows them well. We revive the […]

Essential Oil Craft Series: Basic Soap and Candle-Making

A clean home can smell like many things. The sweetness of crushed rose petals. The quicksilver winds of autumn. The nip of cloves and pine needles. Aromatherapy is the art of bottling these moments (in the form of an essential oil) to enhance well-being. While there’s no substitute for clean carpet and spotless hardwood, essential […]

4 Reasons to Doubt Your Grout

If grout were a person, he’d be a finicky old man laying idle between porcelain walls while clinging to past wrongs and refusing his sponge baths. It’s not all bad, of course. Tile is a common household surface. You find it throughout a home; in entryways, restrooms, showers, kitchen counters and general flooring. Wherever you […]

A Wright Way to Live and Design

While it may not seem like Zerorez and an iconic designer have a lot in common, we look at the work of Frank Lloyd Wright and see a kindred spirit. Inspiration is often found in unexpected places, even for surface cleaning companies. As geeks for flooring, we adore his geometric rugs, how they lead from […]

Pet Stain Removal: Who Let the Dogs In?

Dogs with muddy paw prints. Cats leaving hairballs. Little piglets who wee-wee-wee all over the floor. If you have a pet, you’ve had a pet stain. And it’s all too easy to make them worse. There’s a lot of bad ideas floating around on DIY stain removal. Common pet stain remedies include baking soda, hydrogen […]

Resource Guide – Area Rug Spot Cleaning and Care

A quick read that will give you valuable information on the care and maintenance of your area rugs and the tools and supplies you should have on-hand. Area Rug spot cleaning must haves: White cotton towels, Soft bristle brush, Small bowl and sponge, Corn starch, Club soda and a Hair dryer. How to spot clean […]

Resource Guide – Hard Surface Flooring Issues (Tile/Stone/Wood)

A quick read that will give you valuable information on cleaning, maintaining and restoring your hard-surface flooring. Do my hard surface floors need professional cleaning? YES, they do! I know this statement sounds utterly self-serving coming from a company that provides professional carpet and hard surface cleaning. However, it’s the truth. I also know that […]