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Quick dry, allergy free carpet cleaning, green cleaning, soap free, chemical free, no solvent, alkaline water cleaning, no residue
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Is the carpet wet after the cleaning?
What is considered a “room” size?
Do you have a guarantee? What does it cover?
Can I include other items in the three room special, such as a couch or stairs?
Is a protector applied to the carpet?
How do you treat pet stains and odor? Is there an extra charge for the treatment?
Can I decline pet stain treatment if it is recommended by a technician?
Can you do carpet repair, stretch, and dye work?
What about area rugs? Can you clean them in the home or do you take them off-site?
What are the black lines around the baseboards and under doorways?
What is Empowered Water™?
Do you move furniture?
Do you clean air ducts? What is the cost?
What other services do you provide?
Can you clean my house if I live in a high-rise building?
How close do you need to park to my house to do the work?
I live on the second floor of an apartment building, can you reach my doorway?
Do you offer any in-home cleaning products I can buy?
What days are you open?
Can you give me an exact time for when I can expect your technician to arrive?
Do I have to be home for the cleaning?
What should I do before ZEROREZ® arrives for my appointment?
Is there a discount if I schedule on the same day as my neighbor?
How often should I get my carpet cleaned?
Do you provide free quotes? What kinds of payment do you accept? How am I billed?
Do you sell gift certificates?
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