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September 24, 2008

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Carpet Stretch, Repair, and Dye

Some clients have special problems such as carpet ripples or bleached spots that need attention. Zerorez can usually take care of problems such as patching, stretching, or even dying at the time of service. Speak with the call center specialist to determine how a Zerorez technician can help with your specific problem. It is usually best to have repair work done and then finish with a carpet cleaning. Area rug repair is usually done off site and will require a visual estimate before repair will be undertaken.

Antimold and anti-microbial sealants

Your Zerorez technician can apply a special anti-mold, anti-microbial sealant to your carpets, upholstery, and other soft surfaces to ensure a safe and healthy result. Of course, Zerorez package pricing always includes a biodegradable, non-toxic, green protectant at no extra price that increases surface tension of fibers and helps protect against spills and stains. Zerorez now offers a new, anti-microbial protectant that can be applied for an extra charge.  Be sure to ask your Zerorez consultant about this great new product.

Air Filters

Zerorez offers custom-made electrostatic air filters for your heating/air conditioning return. Most disposable commercial filters are passive, which means they only capture the dirt and dust that their fibers block. Disposable, passive filters are often only about 30 – 50 % efficient, and they need to be replaced frequently in order to work properly. Instead, consider a life-time, custom made electrostatic air filter from Zerorez. Electrostatic filters are not electric, but they do have an electric charge that actually attracts dirt and dust, plus they are HEPA qualified, meaning they capture the tiniest particles of contaminants. Our filters are more than 95% efficient, and they are lifetime filters, made with a durable aluminum frame and special filters that you just hose off and then place back in the heater air return. Your technician can measure and order a new custom electrostatic filter for you to ensure clean, healthful air in your home.

Cleaning Kits

Most home cleaning and spotting kits are full of soap! You squirt some liquid onto the spot and it disappears, only to return a week or two later. There is a simple reason for that, most commercial spotters are full of soap, and when you squirt them into the carpet or upholstery, you have just created a dirt magnet that guarantees your spots will return.

Why not order a Zerorez spotter kit instead? The kit comes with our concentrated ChemFree® powder that should last you two years or more, plus a handy mixer-sprayer bottle. It is the same product your Zerorez technician pretreats your carpet with, it contains no soap or detergents that cause spots to return, and it is fabulous for spots and stains of all kinds. Plus, with a Zerorez spotter kit you avoid putting a product into your carpet that may cause family members to have chemical sensitivities or reactions. With a Zerorez spotter kit, spots don’t come back, and you don’t have to worry about negative chemical reactions. Ask your Zerorez technician about a Zerorez spotter kit today.

Zerorez Cleaning Program

Be sure to ask your Zerorez representative about signing up for a regularly scheduled cleaning program. And you will be happy to know that unlike other cleaning services, there is no prepayment agreement or formal contract.

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