Carpet Warranties: 5 Factors that Influence Your Carpet’s Warranty

For the amount of clients we serve and the sheer volume of carpet we clean it has always puzzled me how few times we get questions about the warranty that comes with a newly purchased carpet. Because carpet represents a significant investment of money, it stands to reason that you’d like to know the basics […]

8 Ways to Tackle Spring Cleaning

  It’s April, and you know what that means: Spring is here! And that means it’s time for a deep clean. Yes, spring cleaning is a chore. It’s a bummer. If it was any fun, it wouldn’t be something we dreaded doing all year. But there are ways to make it less taxing and more […]

A Carpet Cleaning Power Play: Clean Three Areas for $199

What’s better than having clean carpets? Getting a great deal on clean carpets! Score a hat trick with Zerorez this month and get three areas cleaned for $199. Book any service with Zerorez at and for a limited time, be automatically entered to win a meet and greet with the LA Kings Ice Crew, […]

Whitehouse Restaurant fund raiser 2014

Jeff Christensen of Zerorez was pleased to visit with Bill Handel of KFI radio at the Whitehouse Restaurant in Anaheim, California just before Thanksgiving of this year.  Handel does his show from the Whitehouse Restaurant each year where owner Bruno Serato feeds over 1,200 “motel kids” each night for free, 365 days a year.  He […]

Pet Urine – What To Do?

We love our pets most of the time, but when they have an accident in the carpet, it is a headache! Pet urine stains are effected by many things, including food ingested, health of the animal, medications, etc. When urine comes out of the body it is very acidic but becomes alkaline as natural occurring […]

Stanley Cup Winners: LA Kings, Zerorez Socal Royal Treatment Winner

Join Zerorez Socal on a visit to the winning participant in the LA Kings Royal treatment at the Drake’s home! Do you want your home Zerorez’d? We are professional carpet and surface cleaners with experience serving all of Southern California – including: Orange County, Los Angeles County, Ventura County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County. The […]

Zerorez Socal’s YouTube Video Highlights

Join on a visit to help Orange County German Shepherd rescue to take care of some pet stains! Join on a visit to the winning participant in the LA Kings Royal treatment at the Drake’s home! We have been shooting video of various subjects, and we would like to share them with you.  […]

Zerorez Socal’s FAQs and Customer Feedback Survey

People often ask Zerorez® technicians if we are really different from traditional carpet cleaners.  It seems almost too good to be true that we can clean with water (even with our modified alkaline water solution) and still be effective.  And of course there are some people in the industry who reject newer technology and methods […]