What will it cost to clean my carpets and area rugs?

Folks who call Zerorez® about having their carpets and area rugs cleaned are often worried about how much it will cost, and they want reassurance that the price they hear on the phone is the price they will pay when we come to clean their home. We can surely sympathize because no one wants to […]

Can Alkaline Water Really Clean Your Carpets?

People often ask us if the Zerorez® process really is different from traditional carpet and surface cleaning, and if we can really deliver on our promise of a “no residue” clean. We understand the skepticism and admit our claim seems almost too good to be true. And yet, our process really works! Here’s why: For […]

A Carpet Cleaning Power Play: Clean Three Areas for $199

What’s better than having clean carpets? Getting a great deal on clean carpets! Score a hat trick with Zerorez this month and get three areas cleaned for $199. Book any service with Zerorez at zerorezsocal.com/powerplay and for a limited time, be automatically entered to win a meet and greet with the LA Kings Ice Crew, […]

Whitehouse Restaurant fund raiser 2014

Jeff Christensen of Zerorez was pleased to visit with Bill Handel of KFI radio at the Whitehouse Restaurant in Anaheim, California just before Thanksgiving of this year.  Handel does his show from the Whitehouse Restaurant each year where owner Bruno Serato feeds over 1,200 “motel kids” each night for free, 365 days a year.  He […]

Pet Urine – What To Do?

We love our pets most of the time, but when they have an accident in the carpet, it is a headache! Pet urine stains are effected by many things, including food ingested, health of the animal, medications, etc. When urine comes out of the body it is very acidic but becomes alkaline as natural occurring […]

Stanley Cup Winners: LA Kings, Zerorez Socal Royal Treatment Winner

Join Zerorez Socal on a visit to the winning participant in the LA Kings Royal treatment at the Drake’s home! Do you want your home Zerorez’d? We are professional carpet and surface cleaners with experience serving all of Southern California – including: Orange County, Los Angeles County, Ventura County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County. The […]

Southern California Bloggers Dish on the Zerorez Experience and Detoxing their Homes!

Earlier this year Zerorez Socal partnered with the Bookieboo Network in a blogger challenge that brought in over 70 blogs based on the experience of having their homes Zerorez’d! Bloggers in Southern California had the opportunity to get a fresh start. Here are some blogger highlights from this wonderful campaign: Addicted2Savings4u states: “Since we tend […]

Before and After: Zero Carpet Residue in Southern California

Zerorez Socal cleaning uses “just” water, so there is no soapy residue left behind to attract new dirt and pollutants. And it is truly “green” for people including kids and pets, because it is “just” water. In fact many of our clients and technicians show your just how safe the solution is by drinking the water. […]

Zerorez Socal Gets the Dirt Out of LA Family Heirloom

  Take a look at this 100 year-old old rug! You wouldn’t believe the dirt we were able to get out of this beautiful family heirloom. We were able to get the dirt out and leave zero residues.  Do you have a family heirloom that you’d like us to clean? Don’t chance your precious belongings to […]